How To Do An Updo Type Hairstyle Medium Length Hair

Hey, everyone today I'm here and we are going to show you How To Do An Updo Type Hairstyle Now, I've tried this one in the past and haven't filmed it because I didn't really love the way it turned out, but I figured out a trick that's going to make all the difference. So let's get started. We have begun by just pulling her hair into a high ponytail, and I have my little donut shaped bun maker that we're going to use today, that matches her hair color as close as we can. Now before I begin, what I'm going to do is just lift up her ponytail, I'm going to take a little piece of hair, and leave it out from the rest of the hair.

And now I'm going to take the bun maker, and go ahead and slide it up over the rest of her hair, and down into place. And like any normal bun maker, you're just going to let her hair fall over, and make sure it's as evenly spaced as possible around that bun. You can kind of feel and make sure that you have hair equally all over it. I'm just going to take a comb, and just very lightly comb those edges just to keep the flyways down and under control, and make sure I like the way it's going to look when it's finished. Now we're going to kind of part her hair, and we're going to find that little piece we left out,and we're going to actually begin the braid right here.

So we're going to divide it into three sections, and I'm going to be doing a Dutch braid. And then, of course, using the lace portion of it, I'm only going to be adding hair into the top section of the bun so the top piece of the bun. Make sure we don't pick any of that up. So I've added hair only to the top piece as I'm braiding. Here we go. And right here in front, I'm just going to try to make sure I leave that a little bit loose, only because we're going to end up talking hair underneath it, and it needs to not be too tight. We're going to just continue on adding hair piece by piece, and trying to keep the braid, as best as we can, placed right at the base of the bun maker.
Updo Type Hairstyle Medium Length Hair
OK, now when you get to the end, and you've added in your last piece of hair, we're just going to go ahead and continue braiding it down the remainder of the hair. Now you're getting to the end, so you're going to have little pieces pop out here and there, and that's OK. Keep going as far down as we can. And then we are going to secure it with an elastic. I think we're just about there. So pick up an elastic and secure it. Now we're going to take the remainder of the braid and tuck it under the first part. So we're just going kind of lift that up, and tuck the braid underneath.We'll fix that in a minute with some bobby pins. And when you get it kind of situated, go ahead and secure it with bobby pins.

Let's hide that part up there a little bit more. Secure it with a bobby pin. And I definitely don't want that out. Now right here, I'm going to try my best to just pull that edge over together, and bobby pin it so that it just looks like one continuous braid all the way around. You can add any bobby pins anywhere you still feel like it might be poking up, or might be flying away. And then you can go back and just give these a little tug if you're seeing some of your bun maker pop through. And we're all finished. And there we have the completed lace braided bun. I love the way it turned out How To Do An Updo Type Hairstyle Medium Length Hair.
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Side Swept Bangs With Layers Haircuts For Long Hair

Hi, everyone Today's hair tutorial Side Swept Bangs With Layers Haircuts was inspired by the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall. And the half-up updo that I'm going to show you how to do today.. was worn by the Bond Girl, Berenice Marlohe. In addition to that, I'm also going to show you how to curl your hair because it was highly requested. First section is everything below the ears. And you're going to curl everything - all the hair on your whole head - AWAY from your face.

I'm using a 1 inch curling iron here instead of a 1/2 inch like you should because my hair isn't long enough and I'm not willing to sacrifice length to get accuracy. So if you're fortunate enough to have long hair down to your waist you should be using a 1/2 inch - tapered - curling iron. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I like to twist the hair as I'm wrapping it around the curling iron. Because this technique creates a textured, more of a clumped-up curl look, than a soft wave.

And the next section is the eyebrow level. and here I'm going to switch out my 1 inch curling iron barrel for a 1/2 inch curling iron barrel. And as usual, I'm going to curl my hair from mid-shaft to the ends. Because your ends do not require as much heat as your mid-shaft would. So you should be curling it this way as well. I apply all my products on wet hair so you really do not see me apply it, but the important thing here is not what kind of products you use, it's the technique.
 Side Swept Bangs With Layers Haircuts
Yes, you should use products like heat protectants, oils...everything that is good for you. But the important thing is how much heat you're NOT applying to the ends that do not require as much heat, that is important and not the products itself. With that said, what I use in the tutorial will be listed in the description box, so if guys are interested you can take a look. And then create 2 small pin-curls the last 2 sections to create more volume in the hair and to make the curls a bit tighter.

After curling the whole head, you want to start twisting the sides to the back of your head,  Side Swept Bangs With Layers Haircuts For Long Hair fluffing it somewhat to make it more voluminous before pinning it down. And then split the bottom part in half fold it over and pin it up against your nape. And with the ends that's hanging out, just create a very loose donut and pin it over the previous bobby pin so that the bobby pin do not show.
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Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair For Round Faces

Hi and welcome back, So today I'm going to show you Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair gorgeous looks for shoulder length hair. We have one really sleek updo and then a sexy tousled half updo too. To prep the hair I just pop in a bit of mousse. I'm using a spray mousse here. It's handy to get all the sections of the hair. So just get to kind of rub it through all the layers underneath the hair as well, and this is just giving it a bit of grip and will help the curls stay a bit longer. And brush it all through to make sure you've covered all the hair. So just section off the hair, kind of working from ear to ear and pin the top half up out of the way so you can get to curling the bottom section.

I'm just going to curl random sections here just to give it a bit of movement. So kind of every second or third section just pop a curl in it. And you can go, you can curl in either direction or both directions. It doesn't have to be too uniform.  Once you've finished with the bottom sections, let the top section down and curl 2 or 3 inch sections in alternate directions. Once you've curled the whole head, or sections of it, run your fingers through breaking up the curls, and it kind of gives it just a soft, get a bit of movement in there. And for this look I'm going to pop a little bit of texturizing dust just along the crown. This kind of just helps to mess up the look a bit and give it a bit of texture and a bit of lift.

So already you can see we're getting bigger, more volume there around the sides, which is great if you have thinner hair as well, it kind of stops the need for back combing. Just to make this look a little bit special I'm going to pin up some sections towards the back of the head, just kind of giving a bit of volume, bit of a lift. It just updates the style, kind of a great day to night look. So just working towards a bit of volume at the back of the head, using curler clips the same color as your hair. There. Got a nice bit of volume there at the crown. Popping a few clips in really helps hold the style in place and will keep your hair from going flat and just gives it a kind of nice messy updo look, it doesn't have to be too polished lovely. Finish off with a bit of hairspray and you're good to go.
Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair
Now I'm going to show you how you can transform this look into a really sleek updo. So to transform this look we're going to take out the clips. It's great because we have the curls, we have the volume which makes the hair so much easier to work with. So to section off we're just going to keep the bangs or any longer layers that you have at the front. So put them to one side and then take another section about two inches or so wide kind of coming from the top of your ear across and pin that in place. And then this here at the top of the head, the kind of crown is going to make up the volume of our style. So it's quite textured already, we have a bit of texture just in it and it has a curl so it will be so much easier to work with.

I'm just going to back comb through the lengths just like so, working all the way up to the tip. So you're kind of looking at little troll dolls as your hair inspiration. So you want the hair to be able to stand up on it's own, hey ta da, just like that and then just keep doing that along the sides and down a bit towards the back of the head as well, and that will make up the volume for our style. Once you're happy with amount of volume that you have just roll it back. So you want to create kind of like a cushion of hair that will build up the volume. So I think that's good for us but if you want it bigger pop it up higher on the crown, if you want itlower pull it down lower, whatever you feel like. So roll it into, you kind of want kind of a croissant shape, so kind of big enough at the middle tapering down to the smaller sides.

Once you anchor the bump in place it's a lot easier to work with. You can choose you know if you want it higher or lower, bigger, so just turn it around like a fan and then pin the bits in place. Once you're happy with your shape, so you want like kind of like a fan, just like that, that's like a template of what your style is going to look like. We're going to cover this with a little bit of hairspray and then get cracking. Then take the fresh hair, give it a bit of a brush and I'm just going to back comb it ever so slightly at the root just so it's able to stand up and get up and over the style and just brush it back so you get a really sleek finish, and we're just going to pin all that in place with some curler clips.

With your remaining hair we're just going to bring it up to the anchor point working with the natural texture and the natural curl that we have so you have kind of like a messy updo at the back. Take a piece of hair, just going to roll it up just like so and then pin them in place, aiming towards the anchor point as a guide. You can pin any way you want, like if you want something a bit sleeker then go for a kind of side bun or you could even leave it down, whatever you feel like. So just keep taking same size sections and roll them up towards the tips until you have used up all the hair. Once you're happy with the back you're going to swing around to the front, and with the sections we put away at the start, take them down.

So you can see Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair For Round Faces they still have a bit of the natural curl to them from our earlier style, which is brilliant. We're just going to work with the curl pushing the hair kind of back towards the back of the style. There we go. We got kind of soft nice tendrils and that kind of frame the face. And then just do the exact same thing on the other side. Once you're happy finish the whole lot off with a good lot of hairspray. So there you have it guys, two super easy looks to do on shoulder length hair. If you've got any suggestions for styles you'd like to see don't forget to pop a comment in the box below and I'll see you next week.
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Pony Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Step By Step

Hey guys, today I'm showing you Pony Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair that you can do school or for any quick event that you need to go to. Let's start off with the first hairstyle Bring your hair into a high ponytail And secure it with as many elastic bands as you need Take a small section from underneath the ponytail And begin to wrap it around the hair tie so it's not visible Once you reach about half way down the length of your hair. Use a few bobby pins to hold the small section in place And we're done For the second hairstyle, we're going to do a similar thing.

But that section, we're going to plait it So you could use any normal plait You could just do a three stranded plait like I'm doing Or you could do a rope braid or a fishtail braid, any braid would work really well And just secure the ends with an elastic Take the braid and wrap it around the ponytail And just secure that with a few bobby pins Remove the elastic band and just blend the braid into the ponytail For the third hairstyle, we're going to pick up a chunk from the front of our face Split it into three And do a regular french braid on the top of our head If you don't know how to french braid, you can click on the link in the description.

So you just want to take sections from the crown of your head And braid it back until where you would normally place your ponytail And then just plait the rest of the hair all the way down to the bottom And secure the ends with an elastic band Gather up all your hair into a high ponytail including the braid And secure it with an elastic band And then just remove the elastic band and undo the plait and blend it into the rest of your ponytail and then, we're done  The fourth hairstyle, you want to repeat the previous steps from the previous hairstyle So just, braid the crown of your head into a french braid and then just plait it all the way down and secure the ends with an elastic band.
Pony Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
Gather up your hair into a ponytail But this time instead of undoing the braid, we're going to wrap it around like the previous hairstyles And then pin it with a few bobby pins in place For the fifth hairstyle, we're going to do a similar hairstyle to the previous two Except we're going to do a dutch braid This is slightly easier because it's just a regular plait and you don't need to know how to french braid so just plait all the way down your hair and secure the ends with a small elastic band Gather up all your hair into a ponytail making sure that the braid is visible and then secure it with a few elastic bands remove the elastic from the braid and then just blend it in.

For the sixth Pony Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Step By Step you want to get a topsy tail and place it in the top of your ponytail if you don't know what a topsy tail is, there will be links in the description about it then grab your ponytail and pull it through the top of your topsy tail and then pull on the end of the topsy tail to pull the hair through it seems like this hurts a lot but it really doesn't it's very gentle and you just need to ease the hair through pull the rest of the ponytail out and then just pull on it to make sure it is secure.
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Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Step By Step

Hello everybody this time i will show you Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair, ore of you are requesting for short or medium hairstyles, so I'm going to show you 4 quick and easy ones today. Each hairstyles took me less than 3 minutes, and they're cute for all occasions. This is one of my bestie, Ali Mae, and she's going to be my hair model because her hair is up to around her shoulders. The first hairstyle that I'm going to show you is a versatile twisted halfdo. You're first going to tease the crown of your hair for some volume.Then, grab a small section on one side and twist it back.

When it's at least halfway back, pin it down by inserting a bobby pin horizontally into it. Repeat this to the other side, making sure that the second twist goes under the first one. Adjust your hair to your liking and you're done, This hairstyle should work well even if your hair is above your shoulders. It's a simple look that takes a minute, and it can be worn for casual or special events. The second hairstyle is for those of you who like to wear your hair up. You're going to tie your hair up in a high ponytail with a strong hair tie. Then, fluff your hair up and give it a light tease.

Grab the ends together and twist them in one direction. With your other hand, grab the bun with your fingers and push it upward towards your head. Hold everything in place and bobby pin your bun down. Afterward, accessorize with a bow and you have yourself a super cute look for school. For the third hairstyle, you're going to grab a small section on top and divide it into three. Start a french braid by placing the outer sections over the middle.Then, you just keep adding hair to the outer sections before placing them over the middle. If you're not familiar with this braid, I'll link a more detailed tutorial on the screen and in the description box.
Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
When your french braid has reached about halfway down your head, you're going to tie it off. Then, you can continue on braiding normally if you like and accessorize at the end. This is a nice half up half down hairstyle for a dinner date. The fourth hairstyle adds a little unique touch to the side. You're first going to grab a section at the top on one side and divide it into two. Start a rope braid by twisting both sections to the right; then, cross them over each other to the left. If this is a little confusing, then feel free to watch my more informative tutorial on this rope braid.

Once you have your braid, secure it off with a thin elastic. Next, you're going to loosen the side of your braid that's closest to your face. Form this into a flower bun and pin this down. If you like Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Step By Step, you can also grab a section right in the front and twist it back towards the braided flower and pin that down as well. This is one of those looks that you can try when you want to wear something different in your hair. It's a sweet hairstyle for various occasions. So those are the hairstyles that are suitable for short medium hair. Of course, they will also work for long hair as well.
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Easy Step By Step Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

I'm going to show you Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair. First of all, I've prepped the hair by curling the hair with straightening irons and curling tongs all the way through the hair, a mixture of curls and waves to give it a more natural affect. If you like to know more how to create the curls and waves, please see the other article in this series. Okay, first of all, after you've curled and set the hair, you need to section hair to separate sections which I'll show you how to do now. You need a tail comb, the one with the long point on the end like that. We need to section hair from here to here.

We're going to take a section, about an inch, an inch and half down from the line you've divided the hair up from, all the way across, okay, and we're going to section that up and leave that out of the way. Next, you're going to take the section about three inches across, so the parting would have been in the middle. So you've now got these two sections either side of the hair. Now, what you need to do is to take this section that you've separated, keep it nice and clean. Just pull through very gently with your hand. Actually, I'm going to pull out the curl that you've created, just very gently pulling little bits of hair just with your hand and you may have to use a little bit of hairspray and a very soft bristle brush.

It's important that it's a very soft brush like this. And that just takes away any of the little hairs. You take this section, about an inch past the middle and keeping it flat to the hair and one cross another carefully making sure that you're clipping the hair just on the underneath as well as all the hair on the top. If the hair is very thick, you may need to use more than two pins just to make it very secure. So just to repeat what you've done on that side with the other side leaping over, about an inch over from the center, pin with two or three pins if you need to. Okay, now what we're going to do is take this section of hair here, probably want to split that into half, so you can see there.
Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
Put this hair to the side at the moment; don't want to clip it out of the way. Now, what we're going to do here, just very, very gently, little bit of back combing. And back combing, start from the top and work down, all the way down, just very gently, down and just brush very, very gently. Don't want to brush all of the back combing out, just very, very gently, just smoothing over the top so you're not getting rid of all that back combing on the underneath. You'll only want to be doing a little bit of back combing, just to give it a little bit of body, just on the top and the crown. Again, take this section here, follow the same pattern.

Now, take them with two fingers, it doesn't matter which side you go from, I'm just going to pinch together like so and again make sure you've got all the hair in and tight to the scalp and up and you'd want to use at least two pins with this hair. I don't want to overcrowd it with too many pins but depending on how thick the hair is, you want it to feel quite secure that it's not going to move. And then with these last two sections here, you're just basically going to repeat the process of what you've just done. This again, is probably just even slightly less back combing - we're going to go with a slightly raised section from the front to the back just to kind of give that nice angle lift height with the jewel coming up like that to give it a lovely profile.

Again, we're going to repeat that what we did on the other side. Easy Step By Step Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair This is the last section of hair, split that into two, same repeat the process again, just gently back comb half way up right to the bottom. That's it. Not too much now because we're getting towards the front, we don't want it to have too much height on this front section here, just to give that a nice raised profile, pin. I'm always putting the pins up when you hold it with your two fingers
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Images Of Black Auburn And Blonde Chunky Highlights

I've been coloring my hair since I was about sixteen or so, maybe even younger. I started out with kind of just highlights and then I gradually started to do more different things, like I went darker and then I went like reddish for a really long time. Black Auburn And Blonde Chunky Highlights right before I went blonde, I hadn't colored my hair in months and so I had about maybe like four or fiveinches of virgin hair at the actual top of my head, the rest of my hair was kind of this carmel reddish brownish color, which was not my natural color, my natural color was what was on top of my head, which is kind of a, I would say maybe a level five ashy brown. If you're starting out with like darker hair or even medium dark hair, you have tounderstand that it's not going to take one bleach session to get to the color, like this color. To achieve this color, I had to bleach it a total of two times, and then I did two bleach washes, but I'll get into that in a second. And then on top of that you have to tone it, which is also a little bit more product that I'll jump into in just a sec.The greasier your hair is when you bleach your hair, the better off your hair will be simply because that extra oil and grime that kind of builds up over the days helps protect your hair shaft from the chemicals that you're about to be applying to your hair.

And I also suggest coconut oil just as an extra moisturizing step for when you're actually bleaching your hair. I read a lot online that it actually helps enhance the actual brightness and bleaching effects, but I'm not, I don't have any scientific evidence that backs that up at all. I just like using coconut oil when I bleach my hair because it helps protect the hair even more. After each bleach session that I did, I ended up wearing hair masks to bed and then waking up and rinsing it out, so several days in a row, I did that. Make sure you load up on products that are super moisturizing for your hair and I would suggest sleeping in them, like putting on a hair mask, wrapping it up in either a plastic bag or a processing cap and just going to bed with it in so it actually like has twelve-ish hours to kind of penetrate your hair that you just fried. The first bleach session I think I had waited like four or five days without shampooing my hair so my hair was pretty greasy, it was pretty grimy at the time. I went to Sally's and I got the I think it was the Ion lightener. I started out with just the packets that they have, you can get like packets of lightener. I realized a packet or two was not enough for my hair, I needed to get the entire tub. If you have hair that is at least this long, I would definitely say getting a tub because it's just.. you're going to be doing this a couple of times and it's more cost effective to get the tub than it is to get the individual packets like fifty of them. I also picked up the Wella T-18 toner and I think I actually got two of those. I got the T-18 toner but then I also got the T-11 I think, it was just a pale blonde.

I also got a big tub, like a big jug of both volume developer and thirty volume developer cause I didn't know what I was going to be using, I might as well get both, because it's really cheap, the developers are super cheap and those were also the Ion brand. Make sure you have latex gloves and a brush and a bowl that you can mix all this stuff together and then you just kind of jump in. What I did was I mixed the bleach with the developer so it was the consistency of pancake batter. That's what I read was the most effective consistency but I guess it's more of a preference thing than anything else. The drier it is, the longer it's going to take to develop and the more runny it is, it's harder to work with, but it develops a little bit faster is what I've heard, I don't know if true or not, but that's what I've heard. So I mixed it to the consistency of pancake batter and I started with a strand test, which is super important just so you know exactly how long your hair takes to develop. When you're working with bleach you want to always start from like the mid-shaft down from your hair to the very ends. You want to leave like the roots and the upper parts for last because they develop a lot faster than the stuff at the ends. I let the strand test from like the ends to the bottom, or to the mid-shaft to the bottom, Iet that sit for I think about a half an hour and then, no, I think it was more like twenty minutes and then I did the roots for another ten minutes on top of that.
Black Auburn And Blonde Chunky Highlights
And then I just shampooed it out and dried it, and the result was a little bit orange, but that's kind of exactly what you're shooting for with the first bleach session. After I knew what I was in for with the strand test, I pretty much just did my whole head. I think I started with the bottom layer first and at this point I was still using the packets and I didn't have the tub of bleach so we to like, I did the bottom half, and then we had to do like an emergency run to Sally's before it closed and got more bleach because it was really awkward just running around with like half my head bleached and the other half not bleached. After the bleach had been sitting for total, all around, about thirty to forty minutes, total, I rinsed it out, I shampooed it, and then I conditioned it. I slept in like a crazy hair mask and then that was pretty much it. I did a hair mask, I slept in a hair mask consistently for about three or four days and then I immediately bleached it again after four days had passed. You want to wait as long as possible in between bleach sessions just to kind of like give your hair a chance to breathe and give it life again, cause it takes a long time, it takes a long time to do it the "healthy" way. After those four days had passed and I slept in a hair mask for those four days, I bleached it again.

This time, I used coconut oil, I coated my hair in coconut oil and I let that sit in my hair for about three-ish hours before I bleached it, just to give it time to really penetrate my hair shaft and really get in to help moisturize and protect it. I just repeated the same process as before. I think this time I tried to do it with a twenty volume developer instead of thirty, but it just didn't lighten as much as I wanted to, so I ended up using a thirty volume developer. After I had bleached it, I shampooed it out and I didn't condition it because I was planning on toning it. I used the Wella T-18 toner with a ratio of 1:2 with the twenty volume developer that I picked up. I started with my roots and I just kind of painted it all the way down my hair. And it does turn your hair purple while it's developing but that's kind of the point because what the toners basically do is it kind of counteracts it. It's purple, so it counteracts yellow tones in your hair. And then I let that sit for about thirty minutes or so, then I rinsed it, shampooed it, and moisturized it, conditioned it, let it dry, and then I ended up trimming it a little bit because the ends were getting a little bit drier than I wanted it to be. I waited about a week or week and a half with that hair, and then I did a bleach bath. I picked up a new tub of bleach. I was using the Ion brand before but this time I heard a lot of good things about PrismLites, so I got the PrismLites bleach in "violet".

Color really doesn't make that much of a difference at all, in my experience it didn't make a difference at all. I mixed that bleach with a thirty volume developer as I did before so it was like the consistency of pancake batter, and then I mixed about double that with shampoo. I had the bleach mixture about half of the purple tub that I was using and I pretty much filled it all the way up to the top with shampoo. And if you are going to be using a shampoo, make sure the shampoo you're using is either white or like, I used a white one and I wouldn't suggest white,I would suggest a clear shampoo. If there's any sort of color to the shampoo, it has the tendency, it could possibly stain your hair that color and that's exactly what I didn't want so if you're going to be using a bleach bath, make sure you get a shampoo that's clear or white, and really white, like not, not with any tones to it, it has to be white. I used the Organix coconut milk shampoo and filled it all the way up to the top, mixed it in, and it was like the consistency of flubber, it was really weird, it was bouncy but it was really stretchy at the same time, it was so weird. The reason I did a bleach bath this time was that I heard that it was a lot more gentle because you're basically diluting the bleach down, so at this point.

I wanted to be really gentle with my hair because I didn't know, like, my hair's limit. I didn't know what I was doing and I wanted to be as gentle as I could, so I used a bleach bath, I used shampoo. You can also use conditioner but make sure your conditioner, again, is white with no tones to it otherwise it has the tendency to stain your hair. I applied the bleach bath mixture the same way I did regular bleach. I started with like mid-shaft down, let that sit for probably like twenty-ish minutes or so, and then I did my roots, I let that sit for another ten minutes and I looked like a purple monster. I rinsed it, I shampooed it and then I got out and toned it like I did before with the Wella T-18 toner. I slept in another hair mask and then I waited ten days. I did a bleach bath number two exactly like I did before. I mixed up the lightener with the developer, thirty volume developer until it was the consistency of pancake batter, I added in more shampoo until it was like flubber all over again. I let it sit on the orange-y spots in my hair. I had a couple stripes right on top of my head that were a lot darker than the rest of my hair and so I let the bleach bath sit on those pieces for ten minutes starting out. Once those ten minutes had passed, I applied it to the mid-shaft down to the ends, let that sit for twenty minutes and then for the remaining ten minutes.

I did my roots and everything closer to my head. Total, on the pieces where it sat the longest, it had been on for about forty minutes or so but most of it had been sitting for about a half an hour. After that, I rinsed it, I shampooed it and I dried it. I didn't condition it at all, and it felt so dry simply because I didn't condition it when I got out of the shower. I think the problem with the Wella toners with me was that my hair wasn't light enough when I was using them, and because of that, the toner just didn't really stick all that well in my hair, so this time I did something a little bit different. I basically got that purple tub out again, I mixed a huge amount of conditioner with three different.Manic Panic dyes, a blue one, a purple one and an actual like toner one. The conditioner was actually a yellow color and so as I said before yellow is counteracted by purple so I added a ton of conditioner that was yellow, I kind of cancelled it out with the purple dye, the Manic Panic dye, just a tiny tiny bit, and then I added a little bit too much blue dye to that, so I added more conditioner and then I added the toner, the Virgin Snow. So the conditioner mixture kind of turned into a light bluish-grey and I had probably a cup, cup and a half total of the mixture because I wanted to coat my entire head withit. I did a strand test, I did, I think it was, yeah, this piece back here, which is definitely a little bit bluish-grey now because that's where I did the strand test.

The strand test ended up being a little bit too much grey for my taste, so I added a ton of white conditioner to it, you can use any white conditioner as long as it's white. And I diluted it with that a little bit and then I applied it to the rest of my hair. And I got the color, finally, that I had wanted, which was this color, what you're seeing right now. So yesterday I slept in a deep conditioning treatment, and this is the finished result of all of that and I'm actually really happy with how it turned out all in. Considering the amount of horrible things I ended up doing to my hair, it's actually in pretty decent condition. I would have probably applied coconut oil to my entire head before I bleached it the first time. I didn't do that the first time, I did it the second time, and I think it did make a difference in the overall condition of my hair. I would not have toned it after the second time bleaching it because it didn't really do much of anything because it wasn't light enough. There is no point in toning your hair if it is not light enough. The color of your hair has to be the color of the inside of a banana, a very very very pale yellow, and at that point, then you can tone it and you should see some results. But my hair was just not light enough so toning it just kind of wasted time and I used that twenty volume developer which isn't that harsh on my hair, but considering it didn't really do much it probably, Images Of Black Auburn And Blonde Chunky Highlights I probably shouldn't have done that. I would have checked the color of the conditioner before buying it, with the Manic Panic dyes, I would have checked and made it white. Tresseme makes a cheap white conditioner that many people use, so that's something you can look into if you're wanting to do this yourself. If I could do it all over again, I would have bought a mirror, a hand mirror, because I didn't have one until the last bleach bath and it would have made my life so much easier getting the back because I was doing it all myself.
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